Your IMVU Delivery

We at Genesis know how important this time is in your imvu life and how excited you must be expecting your baby. We will do all possible to make this the most wonderful realistic experience possible. You probably have many questions about how this works online. How can you have a baby on your computer?? So let's talk about that here and explain a few things.
At your intake exam you will be given your due date which is calculated from the date of your last imvu menstrual period. This date is tentative and may be changed if you cannot be available that day or the date is already taken by another patient. Genesis only does one delivery a day so you will be assured of getting the exclusive attention of your doctor during your time at the birthing suite. Most delivery and recoveries require about 3 hours. You then have the option of staying as long as you like in the postpartum suite, even overnight if you wish and be discharged the next day. One on one nursing care is available for your one hour recovery period.
The week before your due date, at your prenatal appointment, you will have your cervix checked to see if it is ready for labor and delivery. If it is soft and effaced you will be sent home and should start having contractions during the next week before admission to the birth center.  If your cervix is not ready for labor, cervidil gel will be placed near your cervix to help the process occur. When you admit to the birth center you will be observed and may or may not have your water bag broken or be put on IV pitocin to help things along. 
When you admit to the center you will have an IV started and saline locked so you may walk and move around in early labor. This will not be possible if you are on pitocin, as imvu IV poles cannot be dragged along with you. :( Sorry bout that. You will be on the fetal monitor continuously during labor and since Genesis uses telemetry monitoring you do not have to stay in bed for this. You may walk and move around as much as you like in most cases. For the most realistic experience, you may wish to purchase fetal monitor belts, available in the catalogue here . They are available in both single and twin models. You can use these at home and even purchase a home monitor if you wish.
You may labor and deliver in our birthing bed or tub. Most people use the hospital babies for their delivery, then  buy their own baby for at home. If you wish a specific baby from the catalog for your delivery, it  will be necessary to gift your choice to Genesis before you admit. 
Just know that you CANNOT take the hospital babies home with you. Technically, they are imvu furniture and cannot leave the room. You must purchase your own imvu baby to have in your own room. 
When it is time for delivery, you will be working very hard to push your baby out into the imvu world. If you wish to use a labor voice box that is fine or use the Genesis labor/breathing widget available in the birth room. Please turn all other voice box's, sounds and extras off when you come in and advise your friends to do the same.  At the time of delivery you will see the top of your baby's head begin to emerge, then as you push more, your baby will be delivered out into the doctors hands and you will hear the first cry. Your birth partner may cut the cord and then the baby will be laid upon your chest and suctioned out a bit.. We then will deliver the placenta and do any repair that may need to be done. 
After you are cleaned up, you will be moved to recovery for a short time then transferred to the postpartum suite where you may invite friends and family to visit. You may choose the poses you wish to have available in the postpartum area. Let your doctor know if you are breast or bottle feeding so the appropriate feeding pose will be ready. 
 After recovery you will be given your discharge instructions which are available here on this website. Your baby will be safely secured in a car seat and you will be taken by wheelchair to your car and sent off home with love and best wishes from Genesis. See you next time! :)