Genesis is not currently accepting applications for care.  
Welcome to Genesis Birth Center! We are honored you have chosen to consider us for your prenatal, delivery and postnatal care on Imvu. Genesis is dedicated to making every pregnancy and birth the best experience possible by delivering the most experienced and realistic prenatal, childbirth and postpartum care possible in the virtual would of imvu. Both our clinic and birthing center are equipped with the latest state of the art tools to give you and your family the best and safest possible care. Here you will experience the highest level of midwifery care and enjoy the personal one on one attention that is so important during this special time in your life.  
Please note, you must have AP or age verification to secure services at Genesis. We do not treat children. NO exceptions!

Your complete prenatal and birth package will provide you and your family with  a 9 week imvu pregnancy, and you will be seen privately each week by your imvu credentialed midwife, who incidentally is a long time experienced labor delivery RN offline. Click under the picture in the lefthand column to read more about her qualifications. 
During your prenatal visits you will have your vital signs taken, have your baby's heart beat  and your contraction status monitored and have an ultrasound done to find out if that little person inside is a boy or a girl. Take home a picture to put on the nursery wall if you like. During your intake exam, you will have a thorough health history taken, labs drawn and a complete physical exam. Our clinic is quiet, homelike and a place you will feel relaxed in whenever you come to visit. All Genesis rooms are closed and private at all times, unless you request a guest to be admitted, so your time with Genesis is yours only and will never be interrupted by people coming in. 
Yes! Lamaze class is included in your care package! You will find online classes linked to this website.  

Our beautiful home like birth center and is like no other on imvu. Genesis Products is the top creator of healthcare products on imvu. and we have designed most of our own equipment to give you the most realistic birthing experience possible. Choose  to relax in our birthing bed, pool or chair, whichever is most comfortable for you. Use the birthing ball if you like.  If you feel better walking during labor, that is also provided for. Fetal monitoring is via telemetry so you are not tied to the bed while in labor. You will have an IV started upon admission, but it will be saline locked so you will have more freedom of movement. If you need help with the pain, we offer epidural pain relief, as well as inject-able medication.  All of our deliveries are scheduled to allow for the proper time and care needed, usually 3 to 4 hours for labor, delivery and recovery. Stay in our postpartum suite as long as you like on delivery day, even over night if you prefer. We love to pamper you at Genesis! 
Then we will schedule your postpartum visit to make sure you are healed, healthy and discuss birth control if you desire. Your birth certificate is included in your delivery package.