About Your Prenatal Care

Your prenatal care at Genesis will ensure yours and your baby's health from day one all the way through delivery. You will be seen privately in the clinic at weekly intervals until you deliver your baby and then be scheduled for a postpartum visit to discuss birth control and be sure you are healed and ready to resume your active daily life on imvu. Genesis schedules visit hours during pacific standard time between the hours of 10am and 4pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Please adjust your visit times accordingly. It is your responsibility to stay on top of the time difference if you are in a different time zone. 
Your first visit is your intake interview and exam and will take approximately 30-45 min. You should have filled out the "sign up for services" form available on this website and sent in a 50% deposit   BEFORE coming in. If this has not been done, you will need to come back another day after you have taken care of business. We do NOT have time to do this during your visit. During your intake, you will have the opportunity to discuss any potential problems and ask questions. You will have your blood drawn then enter the exam room where you will change into your hospital gown and slippers in a private changing area and have your vital signs taken. Please remember to bring your gown and slippers to your visits. The pelvic exam and pap smear are optional and you will have checked your preference on the sign up form. Although it is not an option in real life and should be done yearly for most women, on imvu you have the choice of foregoing this procedure if your modesty dictates. After your physical you will discuss results and expectations with Lady Bree. The following is a guideline for you to follow:
  • Begin taking your prenatal vitamins right away, one tablet each morning
  • Drink at least 2 quarts of fluid (preferably water) each day.
  • Continue mild exercise each day. Do not start a new strenuous exercise program without consulting you doctor.
  • Normal sexual activity may be continued unless you are cautioned against it by your doctor.
Your followup prenatal visits will take about 15 -20 minutes. These will  include a vital sign check and you will be put on the fetal monitor machine for contraction and fetal heart rate status. You will be able to hear your baby's heart beat and at about your 4th week have an ultrasound to see the baby and determine the sex if you wish. A picture of your ultrasound is included in your care package.

If you miss a visit

We all have offline lives to live and responsibility to that other necessary life must always take precedence over our imvu life. If you need to miss a visit, please try to message your doctor beforehand to let her know. If that is not possible, do not worry about it. Real life happens! Your doctor will wait up to 15 minutes for you and if you do not show up, your visit will be forfeited. There are no make up visits available, as I am usually booked solid at all times.  
If you miss two visits in a row and do not contact me I will move you to the dropout file and it is your responsibility to contact me if you wish to be reinstated. I will always attempt to reinstate you, but may need to schedule you differently if your time slot has been taken by a new patient. There will be no refunds if you drop out under any circumstances. We both are responsible to honor our commitments to each other.
If your doctor misses a visit, every effort will be made to see you at a different time. I will always try to message you if I know in advance I will be unavailable at your scheduled time.

If you have problems between visits

 If you have any of the following or need to talk to your doctor about something, please inbox me. I will respond as soon as possible. Although you are always seen in the private clinic for your scheduled prenatal care visits, in- between visits will incur a cost of $10 per visit, payable in advance.
  • vaginal bleeding
  • unexplained pain
  • premature labor
  • fluid leaking from the vagina
  • abnormal swelling
  • headache that will not go away with Tylenol
  • any kind of persistent abdominal pain or upset stomach
  • visual disturbances and/or dizziness
If you refuse to allow your treatment to work for your immediate problem.
Ok ... we know that in real life, if you go to the doctors office or the emergency room and you have a problem or are going into premature labor, you will always be taken care of no matter the outcome. Here on imvu your doctor will implement the same treatment  you would receive in a real life clinic or hospital to the extent that you will feel much better and/or stop having the problem you came in with complaints of. You will NOT be delivered early just because you came into the clinic with complaints unless you want to forfeit your 3 hour delivery and recovery, and settle for an express in and out 15 min delivery.  As much as you might wish it, this is NOT real life! Your doctor works alone and has a schedule and an offline life, just as you do and also needs to sleep occasionally. :) So if you do come in and decide the treatment she uses  is not working for you, you will be assisted to the clinic ambulance and sent to county general where they have an intensive care unit for you and your baby. It is up to you to find out where county general is located and direct the ambulance driver. If you deliver your baby outside of Genesis Birth Center you will need to continue your care there and will not be seen at Genesis for followup care as your records would not be available. There is also no refund if this occurs. Genesis would still be happy to see you again during your next pregnancy however but you will need to pay again in full.